A Short History of HMS St Christopher


Of the thousands of personnel who were posted there, there are a few who are worthy of note.

Following Captain Welman, mentioned above, the next CO was Captain Hammersley-Johnson. A local man, Commander W McEwen, from the Isle of Muck was the First Lieutenant. The McEwens still own the island today.

Interestingly, Cdr. Alan Villiers, an Australian crewman of one of the last tea clippers to sail from Australia to Britain, was the Aircraft Recognition Officer.

Gunnery Instructor Jimmy Ruddock, a commercial artist in 'Civvy Street', documented some of the more notable events of the ships life in cartoon form. One incident he recorded was when George 'Knocker' White was taking a gunnery class using an Oerlikon which promptly shook itself to bits - including the barrel, which apparently fell off!

It is sometimes rumoured that BBC newsreader Robert Dougal may have been posted at HMS ST CHRISTOPHER during the war.


The 1939-45 war members of coastal forces were one of the most decorated units in the Royal Navy, they received the following awards:-


History of HMS St Christopher