Books about Bolton

36 Stewart Street, Bolton: An Exercise...

A Bolton Mill Village: the Eagley Story

A Short History of Hall-i'th'-Wood of Bolton, Lancashire

Bolton & District (Britain in Old...

Bolton Directory for 1818

Bolton Directory for 1829: Containing an Alphabetical List of Merchants, Traders, Shopkeepers and Principal Householders

Bolton's Industrial Heritage

Bolton Memories

Bolton Past

Bolton Public Libraries,1853-1978: One Hundred and Twenty Five Years in Retrospect

Bolton Pubs, 1800-2000: Including a Second Edition of "The Pubs of Bolton Town Centre"

A-Z Bolton Street Atlas

Bolton Town Centre: A Modern History:...

Bolton Town Centre: A Modern History:...

Bolton, Daubhill and Deane


Edgworth in the 1920s and 1930s

Fallen in the Fight

Farnworth (Old Ordnance Survey Maps)

Four Bolton Directories

John O'God's Sending

Leverhulme's Rivington

Little Lever

Pauper's Palace

Popular Leisure in Bolton

Responsible Society: Life and Times of the Congregation of Bank Street Chaepel, Bolton, Lancashire (Unitarian)

Robert Heywood of Bolton

The cotton mills of Bolton 1780-1985: A Historical Directory

The Devil Casts His Net: The Winter Hill Air Disaster

The Eagley Brook: A Lancashire Stream

The history of Bolton School


TURTON LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY booklets - these appear occasionally in Sweeten's bookshop in Bolton.

1.      Stories of Turton Date Stones (Turton Local History)

2.      Lords of the Manor of Bradshaw (Turton Local History)

3.      Turton Tales: A Collection of Historical Family Stories (Turton Local History)

4.      Bradshaw Works (Turton Local History)

5.      Bradshaw and Harwood Collieries: The Story of Coalmining in the Townships of Bradshaw and Harwood Within the Parish of Bolton - Le - Moors, Lancashire (Turton Local History)

6.      The Bradshaw Flood: August 19th 1927 (Turton Local History)

7.      Enclosure of Edgworth Moor 1795 - 7 (Turton Local History)

8.      Turton Tales (2)

9.      Harwood Friendly Societies

10.    The Bradshaw Chapel History Trail

11.    The History of Turton Mill

12.    Datestones of Bradshaw and Harwood (Turton Local History)

13.    The Enclosure of Harwood Commons 1797-1801

14.    Horrobin Mill: Bleachworks in the Jumbles

15.    Affetside: An Historical Survey

16.    The Eagley Brook: A Lancashire Stream

17.    Harwood Vale: 1865-1965

18.    Bradshaw Chapel I

19.    Bradshaw Chapel II

20.    Turton District: A Millennium Review

21.    The Township of Quarlton: A Quiet Corner of the Parish of Bolton-Le-Moors

22.    Hardy Cornhill: The Story of the Watermill and Its Local Community at the Heart of Harwood Township in the Ancient Parish of Bolton-Le-Moors

23.    People and Places of Turton: Consisting of - James Brandwood & the Edgworth Quaker Meeting House,Hecks of Turton, the Volunteer Brewery and the Hamers, Victoria Mill - the Last Working Mill in Turton

24.    Lost Industries of Turton Moor: Forgotten Mining & Pipe Making Industries in a Remote Part of Turton

25.    Harwood Hill Farms and Riding Gate

26.    Samuel Scowcroft's Diary (Turton Local History)

27.    Harwood: The Early Years (Turton Local History)

28.    Birches Estate: Turton (Turton Local History)

          Turton Fair: And William Sheldrake's Poem

Bolton 1844 Map

Bolton (North) 1908 (Old Ordnance Survey Maps)

Bolton (NE) 1908 (Old Ordnance Survey Maps)

Bolton 1908 (Old Ordnance Survey Maps)

Bradley Fold 1908 (Old Ordnance Survey Maps)

Bradshaw 1908 (Old Ordnance Survey Maps)

Farnworth 1908 (Old Ordnance Survey Maps)

Horwich (North) 1907 (Old Ordnance Survey Maps)

Horwich (South)  1908 (Old Ordnance Survey Maps)

Kearsley 1907 (Old Ordnance Survey)

Little Lever 1927 (Old Ordnance Survey Maps)

Moses Gate 1908 (Old Ordnance Survey Maps)

Radcliffe 1927 (Old Ordnance Survey Maps)

Digital Archives Association Ordnance Survey 25 inch first edition  1888 - 1893 Maps of Lancashire

Digital Archives Association Ordnance Survey 6 inch first edition 1841 - 1853 Maps of Lancashire