Destroyer Repair Base

There was a Destroyer Repair Base at Corpach in December 1942.  This had a Admiralty Floating Dock (AFD).  Workers were brought up from Portsmouth after that suffered damage in air raids, they lived at the camp which is now the caravan site at the bottom of Loch Eil.

Initially AFD19 was at Corpach but this was moved to Dunstaffnage in early August 1943 and replaced by AFD22 which arrived on 5th August 1943.

The first docking in AFD22 at Corpach was the trawler HMT Mount Ard (Boom Defence Vessel) on the 30th August 1943.

The base closed in December 1944 and AFD22 left Corpach on 27th July 1945.  It was being towed by the tug Enigma.  It was originally planned to take it to Durban but it ended up in Trincomalee, arriving there around October 1945 and left in October 1946.

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AFD22 being towed past Fort William

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