Lundy Decoy Site (Fort William)

Civil QF/QL

NN 156 769

I think this is all that survives from the Lundy Decoy site near Fort William.  This was presumably a decoy to attract the attention of any aircraft attempting to attack the Aluminium smelter at Fort William.  I have been told that there are some concrete structures but I could not find any and the local farmer did not know of anything else apart from this ditched structured.  There was a short length of steel hawser nearby but not sure whether this was connected with the decoy site or just forestry operations.

The smelter pipelines were most obvious landmark and these were camouflaged.

Presumably the site was built after the Luftwaffe attacked the Aluminium smelter.

The site is in a clearing which is alongside the Witch's Trail mountain bike track near Nevis Range.  There is a free map available at the local Tourist Office though the decoy site is not indicated on the map.