H.M.S. Dorlin

During WWII there was a Combined Operations Training Centre at Dorlin near Acharacle.  This was used for training Royal Navy Beach Signals Sections and Royal Signals Beach Signals Section (Battle Training).

This seems to have been at Dorlin House though the house was demolished in the 1960's and nothing remains of it.  The location of the house is believed by the RCAHMS to have been around NM 6615 7127.

There is now Dorlin Cottage near there so presumably this was a lodge associated with the house.  It looks as if there might have been something in the field alongside.  There is a trace of a roadway across the field and there are two concrete slabs at either side of some rhododendrons in the field.  These are about 10 foot square and around 4 inches thick.  They look more military than domestic or agricultural in origin.  A pipe sticks out of the ground by one of them.

I would be interested in any information on the site.

Combined Operations

No. 1 Combined Training Centre, Inverary