Anti Aircraft Defences around Fort William

There were four HAA guns at Caol and four 3.7" HAA guns near Dalvenvie farm (NN 12900 77300).  The site was at Dalvenvie was just protected with sandbags i.e. no concrete structure.  Ammunition was stored nearby in a hollow in the ground again protected by sandbags.

At some point later in WWII the four guns from Caol were moved elsewhere (probably abroad) and the ones at Dalvenvie moved to Caol.  Dummy guns were left at Dalvenvie and the site was abandoned though it was used in exercises by the Home Guard.

There were also many LAA gun sites around the area.

Caol HAA Battery

NN 1059 7612

From the Highland Sites and Monuments Register

Concrete heavy AA WWII battery. One holdfast remains on green in centre of shopping area.  There is a very similar looking concrete area near to this one so possibly another holdfast.