A Short History of HMS St Christopher

T.S. St. Christopher

May 2010

Acknowledgements and references

I would like to thank Michael Bray DSC, Martin Briscoe, A W Colquhoun, Shiela Forest, Eddie Griffiths, Romas Gudelis, Bill Harlow, Roy Hillman, Patrick Howat, Fergus McCall, Eileen Marcil, Mrs. Mary McLean, Charles Milner DSM, JP Perkins DSC, Mrs. Joan Stonehouse and Christopher Wardle, for their help in providing much valuable information. David Jefferson's book 'Coastal Forces at War' also provided some further useful data on the boats and the base. Geoffrey Hudson’s list of the boats stationed at HMS St Christopher during the war is reproduced here.

We were recently given this photograph of Mls moored at Corpach with Ben Nevis in the background.  The two in the foreground are ML166 and ML282 but we would be grateful for any other information on the photograph.  

History of HMS St Christopher

AFD22 being towed past Fort William